Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sumita the cirque elephant

Sumita came from India with the Great Royal Circus troupe to perform in New York. She decided to go to Coney Island one afternoon for hot dogs. She got lost in the subway on the way home, and their troupe returned to India without her.
Now she is living in New York doing her circus act on the subway platform at 42nd street.
She loves to perform classical Indian folk dance that she was trained for. But she gets her biggest laugh when she stands on her head or twirls the hula-hoop around her voluminous belly. Juggling Larry, who she bumps into all the time underground, says her swinging hips are the funniest thing in town.
Sumita has been thinking and thinking what would be a great gift for Larry's birthday, finally she came out with a great idea!. She is going to jump out of the cake at Larry’s party if she can find a bakery to make one big enough!

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  1. I love you have a peacock? That's my other favorite animal.