Monday, June 1, 2009

Ulises the Greek

Ulises landed in New York with his family when he was three years old, from his early years he enjoyed cooking and used to help Grandma in the kitchen while she was preparing with all her love this wonderful Greek dishes for the entire family, it was then where he learned all the of Greek cuisine.

Growing up, his natural passion and talent for fine cuisine lead him to open a Cafe in his neighborhood, Astoria. He named the place "Ulises's Soul Cafe" he believes that "Good food not only feeds the stomach but the soul".

Larry is a regular customer at Ulises's Cafe, his favorite dish is the homemade spinach pie.
Every Thursday night Ulises makes a very special spinach tart just for Larry, in return Larry sets up an amazing juggling act with the restaurant's cups and dishes to entertain the Souls Cafe's clientele.

As Larry's birthday approaches, Ulises will bake a unique and Sumita's size cake for this special occasion. Larry will be gladly surprised with this huge cake.