Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jin the marten

Jin is from Korea, as her name means brightness she brights like a star wherever she goes.
She came to New York several years ago to visit some relatives in Flushing. She liked it so much that she decided to stay.
Jin is a great artist, however, she never went to art school she learned all she knows by herself...practicing all day long... and practicing over... and over... and over until she gained the knowledge she now enjoys. Larry admires her work and her patience very much.

Being in New York has been a great experience for Jin. It has expanded her horizons as an artist and, more importantly, as a marten. She feels that she doesn't belong exclusively to her country anymore, now she is more like a citizen of the world...with no boundaries. So she says!

Tonight is Larry's birthday party and she picked the perfect gift for him, a painting she had hanged in her wall that Larry liked so much. This is a very special gift and there is nothing more valuable that she can give to him than a piece of her own art.
Larry is gonna love this gift!

Jin is inspired in my dear friend Mariola Paen who is the coolest world citizen I have ever met. Mariola is a great self-taught artist and just like Jin they both bright like stars.

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